Albert Chambers 1865 - 1949

and his Photographs


Albert Dovey Chambers was born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. His father, James Chambers, was a Tanner, and Albert started working life as a Tannery Assistant. By1891 James had become an Accountant and Coal Merchant, and Albert was described in the Census of that year as an Accountant and Organist. He was, for many years, Choirmaster and Organist of St Mary’s Church, Stone.

He was also a keen photographer. His collection of glass negatives have only recently come to light, found tucked away in a cupboard on a landing in Bewdley Museum.

Glass negatives scanned, and website designed  and produced by Tony Brett in recognition of the photographer, A D Chambers. Bewdley Museum kindly loaned the plates.
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