The Scottish Tour


I am not sure this ‘tour’ has anything to do with Albert. It comes out of box ‘su’, the most intriguing of the small boxes. It includes a 14 page report of the trip tucked inside with the glass slides. One of tourists may have been Albert. The box contains only 54 labelled slides of a tour to Scotland in 1921. Some are shown here. The report of the journey names 119 slides.  There are also some unmarked negatives. The four people on the trip are only given role names. The picture at Gretna, I think, shows 2 of them. Is one, or the photographer, possibly A D Chambers? Is he also the writer of the journey? I am afraid it’s all speculation. I think the notes were written for a presentation to be given at a Kidderminster Field Club Meeting, or it’s forerunner. Whoever wrote the notes knew about photography; and was rather absent minded too.

Extracts from the Travel Notes

In the early part of 1925 the secretary told me that he should put me down for one of the evenings of this session. I agreed, subject to my getting some negatives during the summer to supplement those I already had.

  1. - - After carefully preparing for the trip last summer, I found at the end of the first days run, I had left plates, film, film pack holders and most of the dark slides at home.

  2. - - I came back with a lot of exposed film which yielded very few useful negatives.

  3. - - Here again I met trouble - - a box of 40 or 50 film negatives (made in 1921) been put away so carefully that they could not be found. Hence many of the slides I shall show are not of my making.

  4. - - In the Autumn of 1920, four of us solemnly pledged ourselves to have a summer outing together in 1921, and after various suggestions it was decided that John o’Groats should be the objective.