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I said there was no theme to any of the boxes. Box F proved me wrong. It was almost entirely of churches, but all unnamed. Some time ago, I had been to a lecture at Stourbridge Historic Society on the churches of Worcestershire. The presentation was given by Tim Bridges, a writer of books on churches of Worcestershire and more recently on one for the Black Country.  Soon after my wife and I went to see a church at Dormston which he had said was one of the few remaining in Worcestershire with a wooden tower. It was also one of the few churches I recognised in Box F. Could Mr. Bridges help me identify some more? I made a few phone calls.

11th April

Contacted Tim Bridges yesterday. He was happy to help. Suggests I e-mail the photos. I did so around 9pm. There were 40 pictures. Today, after breakfast I thought I'd check to make sure the E-mail had not been rejected. But good news, there was no rejection, and indeed it was doubly good. At 11pm last night he had replied identifying nearly all of them. I acknowledged my appreciation.

Later today we took a trip to to De Beer's Garden Centre, near Kidderminster to get some fuchsias. A bit early but it was a lovely day. A short detour on the way back found us at Stone Church. It was open and some ladies were flower-arranging for Easter. They happily showed us round. When I saw the pulpit I was able to point out the inscription.   F 22. "To the glory of God. In memory of William Frederic Bickmore. Vicar 1875-96". I took a few more photos having taken some of the school nearby which has hardly changed from the one in the first batch of glass plates I scanned - A 7.


Then I told them why I was interested and someone pointed out a stained-glass window with the name Chambers. I felt I was getting closer.

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