Diary of Bewdley Glass Plate Project

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                               'In loving memory of Elena Tanis Chambers 1930 to 1966.'

I took a photo of the window and one other; a wooden plaque recording the Vicars of Stone. In 1897 John Matthew Donne took office and in 1908 Charles Bickerstaff. Was it one of them  on the station platform  ?

I am back home now looking through some of the photos again. A closer look at the Old Inn Stone, sa 14, and I see the man by the cart is also in that station picture. He wears a tall bowler hat on both photos. If the name on the cart is another clue, this is Mr Pratt; perhaps Gertrude's father. The more I look, the more I see.

When I was looking round the church at Stone I had been given a copy of their newsletter for April, with the  suggestion I might like to show the vicar some of the photos. The Reverend Cox, I saw from the plaque photo, is John Anthony Cox, and he has been there since 1983. He should be able to tell me if it is Donne or Bickerstaffe on the station platform, and identity  Elena Tanis Chambers. Any relation? Still this is all for another day. Tomorrow I'm returning boxes  B C D and F and small box ‘sa’. Liz will be there, I checked. And she's happy to let me have some more boxes.

"I don't think I have asked you this question. Do you know about Chambers ?"

She didn't either. I explained the background. She had no idea who had donated these photos. There were no records kept. Looks like it's up to me to keep the Chambers collection alive, or probably more accurately, bring it back from the dead. A resurrection through Stone Church? I'm sure they will be thrilled. There aren't many these days.

15th April

I have picked up more boxes and left with them the copies done to date. They now have boxes marked A B C D and F. I sorted through the cupboards. Yes, I! They left me to it so I could have a good mooch. I found three more boxes of the large type, E, G and H but only E and H contained photographic plates. I also picked out four of the smaller boxes; it looked as if there were no more of the large plates left to scan. There were however many more of the small wooden boxes which I assume all contain the 3 1/4 " inch square slides. Back at home I cleaned the boxes and took them upstairs to my den. I decided to ring Stone church and  speak to the vicar. He would surely  know something. The answer phone took my message. I hope he rings back.

I set to scanning box E. Definitely the Chambers collection. The first slide was a  photo of a cartoon.  It read, 'Chambers as Philosopher Bill the Socialist' The joke was beyond me. And why photo four parts of the Times, November 7, 1805? 

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